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New Momma Wants

Wow! Six months really goes by fast, I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post, but I have a lot brewing, and I don’t just mean ideas for the blog 😉

I’m Expecting! Zach, the girls and I are expecting baby #3, and we are over joyed!


Along with the impending excitement of a new baby I have some super cute ideas and DIYs I HAVE to get done before baby is born 🙂 So stay tuned for all of that fun!

Anyways, back to the post. So for the past 6 months our family has been super busy with the start of a new school year, after school activities and of course the first three months of this pregnancy I was so exhausted I would consider it a GREAT day if I got the dishes done!

Along with all the exhaustion came the thinking and planning, this is my favorite part! Now, I don’t have too much planning to do, right now the ‘nursery’ is the girls’ playroom, so we intend to keep it that way until we move the baby from our room to the nursery. We usually keep the babies with us until they are around three months which makes it much easier for the nightly nursing 😉  We also have decided not to find out the gender of this baby. We tried with our first, she crossed her legs (EVERY time); found out with our second and have decided to keep this one a true surprise. So I won’t even know what kind of decor to plan until the baby comes into this world!

Because I really don’t have too much to think about nursery wise, and I already have all of the baby necessities I’m getting excited about the accessories!

Yes that’s right I said accessories…diaper bag, maternity outfits, nursing outfits, baby blankets and more!

There are two items I can not wait to get for this baby (or maybe me 😉 )…


This Pitter Patter Charm is perfect for the new Mamma or Mamma-to-be. This tiny Italian bronze baby shoe, sparkling with inset cubic zirconia stones makes a great gift for yourself or for a friend or family member! It is so cute and makes for the perfect accessory to announce the impending arrival.


The Chelsea Tech Wallet is another new Momma must have, and a super awesome baby shower gift. This snake embossed leather wristlet not only has plenty of room for cash and cards, but there is a special pocket that will fit that all important iPhone!

It has a great removable strap which allows you to toss it into or take out of the diaper bag. When you are with baby have all of your necessities nice and tidy in one place, and when it is date night or girls night out just grab it out of the bag and you are ready to go with a super sleek and stylish wristlet!

So two things done, about a hundred to go before baby is here!



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