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30+ Screen-Free Activities - keeping kids, tweens and teens engaged this summer

This post could not have come at a better time! All of my kiddos finished up remote learning this week and I realized that having assigned school during the day had helped to keep them engaged for most of the day. I also don't see any summer sports resuming anytime soon, so I have been on the lookout for fun activities they can enjoy this summer.

Today I'm sharing my favorite activities to enjoy with your kids AND a FREE Summer Screen Time Contract!

Screen-Free Pre-School Activities

Have a toy "car wash"

Have a scavenger hunt

Build a fort for nap/rest time

Screen-Free Elementary Activities

Draw hopscotch outside

Have an obstacle course outside

Fly a kite

Paint rocks and hide them in the neighborhood

Create a comic book

Have a Lego challenge

Grade level workbook

Screen-Free Activities for Tweens

Learn Origami

Bake something

Color your hair with hair chalk

Learn Sudoku

Give yourself a manicure

Do a Mad Lib

Play night tag with a flashlight

Grade level workbook

Screen-Free Activities for Teens

Wash the car

Do Yoga

Clean out dresser / closet

Do a 'photo a day' challenge (with a REAL camera)

Learn to bake

Subject workbook

Today I am also sharing my Summer Screen-Time Contract. This is a great reminder, for your older children, especially if they enjoy lounging in bed on their phones!

I hope this gives you some great ideas and brings your home a little peace this summer!


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