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Since I can remember I have always had a camera in my hand. We're talking Kodak Star 110, with film and AAA batteries! Then as I moved into high school I instantly enrolled in Photography class. Back then the majority of those classes focused on film photography and part of the curriculum is learning how to develop your own film by hand in a dark room. Needless to say I have always loved photography and aside from high school and guidance from my dad I have learned the majority of what I know through trial and error, YouTube and books.

"Never let your fear decide your future."

I went to school and received my degree in Journalism with a minor in Public Relations. I pursued that career for a while, but while having kids I discovered my love for photography once again. A few years ago I decided I wanted to help others document their everyday lives and all of the special events that are sprinkled in. 

"A photograph is the pause button of life."

I have now been photographing families, engagements, weddings and events since 2017, and loving every minute of it. I would absolutely love to help you press pause on your life and capture the everyday moments for you to cherish for years to come.

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