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Goodwill equals GOODBUY!

Sorry, Ive been meaning to post this for a few weeks, but than Spring Break happened so our fam was away on vacation! But, better late than never!

A few weeks ago at my super fun MOPS meeting  all of us gals went through our closets and wardrobes and collected any and all clothes or accessories we were ready to part with, it was a clothing drive! Upon arrival we were told any clothes that were not picked up by other moms would be given to the Goodwill, and we (our MOPS group) would receive money for the donation as a fundraiser.

Now I have always been a Goodwill donator, but have only recently become a thrifty Goodwill buyer. So I wanted to share some of my great buys, and a little info I received today about Goodwill, and how much you can help others and the community by just SHOPPING 🙂

Here are some pics of my most recent buys at Goodwill (little trick if you want the good stuff make sure you’re at the store as close to opening as possible, they put all new gear out in the morning) All of these items were selected for some “mini” makeovers I am doing in the house:

FAMILY sign $5

rooster $3

Ceramic square pot $2

Now these white shelves will be going up in my new office, after the “mini” makeover. The large shelf was a navy blue color with red stars, and the smaller shelf was a bright red color (sorry forgot to take before pictures) a little spray paint ($6) and good as brand new!

Large shelf $7

Small shelf $5

These were major steals, I was going to make my hubby make me some new ones so I saved some dough and the headache of getting the shelves actually built 🙂

Goodwill has transformed it’s image within the past few years, creating “The Goodwill Effect”. When you decide it is time to clean out those closets and rooms of your house drop everything off at Goodwill most of the items will be recycled and refurbished for some other lucky shopper to own for some time, when you donate to Goodwill you are not only getting a tax break 🙂 but saving the environment from more junk going into the landfill. When you shop at goodwill you will find amazing finds and sometimes unique, the profits from those products being sold fund the career development programs that help local people in the community in turn sustaining the community by offering jobs and training for others.

So next time you decide to do a “mini” makeover or major makeover to any room in your house (or your wardrobe, I heard through the grapevine that there was a $3,000 coat sold for $12!) I suggest checking out the goodwill near you. And when it’s time to clean out those closets, crawlspaces and garages get to the Goodwill, help your community and get a tax break 🙂



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