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Fashion Friday Feature

My dear friend Jessica Gregg is not only an amazing Momma and friend,but also a great fashionista! She was featured on Damsel in Dior’s blog today with an amazing interview, check it out! Our Bahari necklace is also in the post as one of Jessica’s items on her list, it is an amazing necklace that you can dress up or pair with a great Tee and jeans! The Bahari Necklace $98 ENJOY!

Our fashionista friend Jacey, the talent behind Damsel in Dior, featured us on her Follow Friday feature today. I was interviewed for the feature, and it exciting to see the interview ‘live’ today. Check out the full interview here…you will learn stuff about me I bet you didn’t know {I think I learned stuff about myself answering the personal questions}, and you can see all the fabulous things Jacey’s been up to {and wearing}.

While your there, you should check out all of Jacey’s Follow Friday features – she’s interviewed some interesting people with a great sense of style and fashion.

Thanks for the feature and kind words Jacey!

{images via Damsel in Dior}


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