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Butterfly Fun

Hi! Today was our first day of spring break (woo hoo), and a day of bugs! This morning the girls and I joined my grandma, cousin and niece for a GREAT day at The Butterfly Pavilion, in Westminster, CO and now the little ones are watching, what else, A Bugs Life!

Not sure if many of you even know what the Butterfly Pavilion is, but here in Colorado it is home to many of the worlds’ prettiest butterflies; not to mention turtles, grasshoppers, cockroaches, beetles and of course tarantulas (you can even hold one, which I am proud to say I tried once when I was 10, NOT happening again!)

Anyways, being around all of those gorgeous creatures, in a hot and humid environment I couldn’t help but get super excited about summer!! I know it is still March and not even Easter yet, but here in CO it is 77 degrees! So I wanted to share some of pictures I was able to capture today on our journey through butterfly land! Enjoy 🙂

I got some amzing photos of the plants in the pavilion with there gorgeous bright tropical hues. Can’t you just smell them!

Dont be surpised if i show upo whith a post next week on butterfly decor or fashion! Today really got me in the mood for bright tropical colors!

And of course, here are the little ladies enjoying a fun day of nature!

Aren’t these amazing? I strongly urge you to get out there and find an amazing bug or butterfly expo by you, or visit ours next time you’re in Colorado! You won’t want to miss the look on your child’s face when a butterfly lands on their hand!


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