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Birthday Celebration Ideas During Quarantine

Do you, a family member or a friend have a birthday falling during quarantine? Today I’m sharing some great celebration ideas that you can do to help them have a special day, even with out parties and outings.

We celebrated our first isolation birthday last week when my grandma turned 86. We usually celebrate it every year on Easter, but because it falls during the quarantine we weren't going to have our traditional family celebration.

So the family started throwing some ideas around for how we could celebrate, and make her feel as special as she is.

There are so many great ideas for celebrating in isolation, and I've put together a list of ideas for celebrating a birthday and making it feel special even during these times.

Family & Friends Parade - have the birthday person stand in their driveway (or yard) while everyone walks (or drives) by. Have signs and balloons and cards for the birthday person.

Virtual Birthday Party - this is another good one. Get as many family and friends to meet online to host a virtual party. You can even arrange for the birthday person to have a dessert and some candles so everyone can sing Happy Birthday.

Get take-out for every meal for their birthday - it's a great way to not only make the birthday person feel special, but you're also helping to support local restaurants.

Mail or drop off birthday cards - have friends and family members either mail or drop off birthday cards with special messages.

Birthday Capsule - create a birthday capsule for the birthday person that they can open up in 5 or 10 years and look back on this time.

Birthday messages - have friends and family record little birthday videos for the honoree (bonus: if you're super creative you could edit it together to music).

Breakfast in bed - if the special person has a favorite breakfast meal, surprise them in bed! This can be as simple as their favorite cereal, or adding flowers or balloons.

Decorate their room - fill their room with balloons and streamers, you could even add some fun signs to the walls.

Streamer their door - create a streamer barricade on their door the night before while they're sleeping. That way they have to break through to get out.

At home escape room- create a themed escape room based on the birthday person's favorite movie, video game or hobby!

Virtual game night - host a virtual game night for the birthday person and their friends. Zach and I have been to a few in the past few weeks and they're great. We've used, and there are a lot of different packs you can buy.

At home spa - have a night full of face masks, pedicures and manicures. Added bonus if you add chocolate and wine (if they're of age)!

Celebrity phone call - I had never heard of this before, but you can pay to have your tween or teens favorite celebrity sing them happy birthday! has a ton of celebs to choose from.

Marco Polo messages - record things you love about them or favorite memories of the birthday person to have! Learn more about the Marco Polo app here.

Outdoor movie - host an outdoor movie party with their favorite movie or shows. All you need is a white sheet and a projector, similar to this one.

Balloon their mailbox - if the friend or family member live in the area, you could drive over and tie balloons to their mailbox!

Sidewalk chalk message - how cute is this idea! Drive over and write messages on their sidewalk and driveway.

Virtual lunch date - this is awesome for a group of fiends. Bonus points if you order or deliver your friend's favorite meal or drink!

There are so many creative ideas to make the birthday peeps in your life feel special during this time. If you have any additional ideas to add to my list, I'd love to hear about them in the comments below.

Stay safe friends!


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