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All about that scheduled life...

Let's talk about schedules, shall we? I love schedules, L-O-V-E love them! And always have. When I was younger I would sit there and write out everything I was doing for the day, which wasn't much (ha). Then when Middle School came around little did I know my life would change forever with the introduction of planners, and my love officially began.

I'm not gonna lie there is absolutely nothing better than opening up a brand new planner like a blank canvas, and you truly do not know joy unless you know the smell of a brand new, never been used planner. There's just something about it!

Anyways, as much as I'd love to continue to talk about the Wide World of Planners (if that was a thing I would for sure be there!) I'm really bringing you this post today to share some FREE printables I created for you for this weird 'Coronatime' we are in.

Let's face it, we all thrive with routine, and I think the last month has shown us just how much that is true. I have created not only an AWESOME schedule for the wildlings in your life (I have 3!), but I have also created a Daily Productivity sheet for all the ladies out there as well. Whether you are working from home, trying to contain the chaos of your house, or just want a cute printable that brings you pure joy when you look at it, then I've got you covered!

We all know kids need routine, and they absolutely thrive when they're on a schedule, but it isn't always an easy task. This Daily Schedule not only will keep kiddos on task, but it also has some good ideas for what to do with ALL the hours in the day stuck at home. Maybe if we can all have a little less "I'm bored" than the world be a little bit more peaceful. Ha!

Now, if you're like me then this whole quarantine thing has probably thrown a wrench in YOUR daily routine. I found I wasn't drinking nearly the water I was supposed, the kids were constantly in the kitchen looking for food and my house was getting more than a little messy. I created this Daily Productivity sheet as a way to keep track of all my work appointments, my GIANT to-do list and what was for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also added a box for what area of the house needed to be cleaned that day. This way it's harder to fall behind on the cleaning.

If you would like these FREE printables, just sign up for my weekly newsletter below and a little bit of joy will be headed your way!

I hope this helps. I can't wait to connect with you soon! Let me know if you have any questions. Stay safe!


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