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January 365...the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Well January came and went, and I have officially finished the first month of my first ever 365 challenge. This year I decided to challenge myself and build my photography by taking part in the Bethadilly 365 Challenge.

The one thing that made this challenge easy was the complete list of subject matter. The list is broken into months and days, so at the beginning of January I wrote each day’s subject matter in my planner. I LOVED this, with three kiddos, a husband and a job taking an actual photo with my camera let alone figuring out what to shoot was so daunting.

I did have some challenges with the challenge. Posting to Instagram isn’t as easy when you use an actual camera versus your iPhone. I believe if you check my Instagram feed you will see I was diligent for maybe four days before I decided I would just keep the rest of the photos for myself. After the first week I found myself collapsing onto the couch after all of the kids were in bed, dishes were done, laundry folded and put away and lunches packed and it would hit me, “I didn’t take my photo today!” So, yes I cheated slightly, shhh don’t tell anyone, and I would catch up throughout the next few days. So, as of today, February 1, 2018 I am vowing to myself and you that I will post a photo a day on Instagram!

As with any challenge I have learned a thing or two from my first month, one of which is that I now carry my ACTUAL camera with me everywhere. To work, the gym, family outings, you name it and I have my camera. This did come in handy a few times when we had extended family dinners and I was able to capture priceless moments of my family celebrating together.

If you are interested in #thebethadillychallenge check out the site here. And as for my photos I will do my very best to get them onto Instagram every day!



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