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National Western Stock Show

The National Western Stock Show just ended here in Denver this past weekend, and we bared the rigid temperatures and crazy snow to enjoy a day of family fun. We don't make it every year, but we try and make it over every few years with my parents, sister and brother-in-law.

The National Western Stock Show is a Colorado tradition that was established in 1906, it is held every year in January for 16 days, and is one of the country’s largest horse shows and Colorado’s largest western trade show. This year I decided I wanted to capture all of the little details of our great day!

We had tickets to the Draft Horse, NA SMA Mule and Donkey Show. The kids loved seeing all of the beautiful wagons that these beautiful creatures pull, but I think the Mule and Donkey races were a big hit!

While my parents, sister and brother stayed to watch the Pulling Competition, Zach and I took the kids over to the other arena where there was a petting zoo and pony rides.

In case anyone was wondering what a pulling competition is, it's a Draft Horse competition where two horses pull a weighted sled and the winner is the team that can pull the most weight for a short distance. In this competition the winning team weighed over 5,400 pounds combined and pulled 17,000 pounds for 6 feet!

It really is a great family event to attend if you live in Colorado, I highly recommend it! If you are interested in next year's events here is the website:



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