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I LOVE Anthropologie Candles!

Have you ever walked by the Anthropologie store and just fallen in love with the scent that is sweeping out of the doors? Well I have and let me tell you it is intoxicating! The Anthropologie stores burn a certain candle called Capri Blue, its amazing, but also expensive one large jarred candle is $28,

and being a diva on a dime, my budget does not allow me to purchase a cart load of these candles. So when my candle burns down and the wick is gone, I decided to get crafty and find a way to reuse the glorious smelling wax that is leftover enter Pinterest search 🙂

In my search for how to reuse leftover candle wax, I came across Cranny & B, and guess what she LOVES these candles as well, so she posted an entire step by step guide on how she reused the amazing leftover wax! So I of course jumped off of the computer and got into the kitchen, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this, but sure am glad I found this blog, so here it is, Save the Whales! Save the Anthropologie candles! (DIY).

I did alter one of her steps and I’m not sure which way turned out easier, but instead of putting the old candle in the freezer for a few hours I just poured boiling water into the jar to release the wax, and by doing it this way the aroma filled the house! After leaving it over night to set, I was able to take a butter knife and slice the hardened wax in half to remove it from the jar, and pour out the water, its THAT easy!!

Check out the link and start up-cycling those amazing (expensive) candles!


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